Monday, January 27, 2014

Life According to My iPhone

Here is our Our Bubble Life lately:

Day 16 - Delaney and a friend were doing homework in her room when little sister had to get in on the fun.

Day 17 - Denver has been calling me Mama Duck for a couple months.  He now has Siri doing it.

Day 18 - Steve took the kids to a rodeo.  I skipped this event!

Day 19 - Devon's cheer team is getting ready for a competition.

Day 20 - We all went on a hike on the one and only day it was pretty out.

Day 21 - Dudley rode along with me to pick up the kids from school.  Check out those ears.  It was really windy!

Day 22 - Devon practicing putting on mascara for her cheer competition.

Day 23 -  Dudley profile.

Day 24 - I love that our driveway is the bus stop.

Day 25 - First cheer competition of the season and they took first place!

Day 26 - Not sure why I buy her a bunch of cute clothes when this is what she comes up with.  Hello Fashion Police!!

Have a great week!

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