Sunday, October 6, 2013


Shutdown.  No I'm not referring to the fact that I haven't blogged in months.  I'm referring to our government shutdown.  Tomorrow will be the 5th day that my husband will not be going to work.  In the past he was considered "essential" and not furloughed but for some reason this time it's different.  Didn't find out this lovely news until the day before.  Day one I wasn't worried because I foolishly thought they would get it together and agree on something by the end of the day.  Okay, for sure on the second day.  Nope.  So I shared my worries with my parents by calling them and letting them in on the news.  Only fair since I get my worry gene from my mother.  By the third day I'm starting to get stressed out and feeling sorry for myself.  I head off to my "for fun" job and try and forget about the whole thing.  Didn't work.  As I'm driving home I see a guy that lives a couple doors down from us walking in the neighborhood.  This guy has been battling cancer for years and has been at death's door several times.  It occurs to me that my worries are nothing compared to his.  My family and I are healthy.  Yes this is a pain.  Yes it's ridiculous but it will all work out.  It might not for my neighbor.  So now anytime this starts to worry me I think about my neighbor and what he is going through which makes me say a prayer for him.  Does it stop me from worrying?  No but my neighbor has been getting a lot of prayers.  Never a bad thing!

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  1. My darling daugther. I just read this and I am SO proud of you! You know what is and God. We are praying for this problem to be gone...and I am now praying for your neighbor. Please know we are there for you guys with whatever you need. LOVE you! Mom