Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Then & Now

So I am obviously not good at keeping up with this blogging thing.  Must add more blogging to my long list of New Year's resolutions. 
Looking back at our Christmas pictures I came across this beauty:
This is from 2002 and was our first Christmas with three kids.  We took this with the camera timer and as you can see we didn't get the perfectly posed picture.  Devon (far left) is spitting up, Delaney (middle) didn't want to sit down, Denver (right) looks in shock that this is his life, Steve is smiling and is obviously unaware he has spit up on his hand, my parents at this point are probably very thankful they just had one child and me . . . I have blocked out that first year.  And those jeans.
Fast forward 10 years:
We visit this Santa at Chick-fil-A every year.  He is great at getting the kids to pose.  Needed him 10 years ago! 
Hope your Christmas was filled with family and fun.  Happy New Year's Everyone!