Monday, June 25, 2012

Pancake Muffins

My kids love pancakes.  I hate the sticky mess everywhere.  We're talking in their hair, all over their hands, all over the counter, all over the walls and all over the dog.  Yes, it happened.   Came across this recipe for Pancake Muffins on Pinterest where you bake the syrup in the pancake mix and thought YES!  The first recipe I tried only needed pancake mix, syrup and water.  How easy is that?  What could possibly go wrong?

Epic Fail

Well that didn't work.  Normally I would think this was just me and my great baking skills but something didn't seem right with this recipe.  Thankfully I came across another easy recipe at Lady with the Red Rocker.  It has only four ingredients but it works! 

You can add whatever toppings your family likes.  We love blueberries and chocolate chips.  Here is your easy (and working) recipe:

Pancake Muffins {Printable}

2 C Bisquick
2/3 C Milk 
2 Eggs
3/4 C syrup
Toppings – chocolate chips, blueberries, bacon, sausage, ham, bananas, nuts, etc.

Preheat oven to 350°.  Mix Bisquick, milk, eggs, and syrup together and pour into muffin pans with cupcake liners. Fill each cup half way, and top with your favorite topping.  Bake for 14-15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Makes 17-18 normal sized muffins.

Teri's Tips:
  • Don't mix the toppings into the muffin mix.  For some reason they fall to the bottom while baking.
  • I didn't have Bisquick so I used waffle mix.
  • I used both a normal size muffin tin and a mini muffin tin for this recipe.  Mini muffins take about 10 minutes to bake.
These are really yummy and disappear fast.  Best part ------ no sticky dog!

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  1. Love this! They look so good! (and it's nice to know that we're not the only ones who have recipes go wrong!! ha ha ha) Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at 8pm MDT for this week's party! :) -The Sisters

  2. Found your site after the Pinterest picture didn't link to the recipe. Thanks for posting, can't wait to try this out! Do you think they are freeze-able?

  3. I bet they would freeze perfectly. My family eats them all before I have a chance to freeze them!