Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pinterest Project ~ Instagram Heart

I just love how this turned out!  Devon has had a big blank wall in her bedroom for awhile now.  We wanted to copy this picture we found on Pinterest:

Another Pinterest inspiration that just never came about because I didn't want to spend a couple hundred bucks on frames.  Not to mention finding pictures that work with the direction of the frames.

Finally I came across this picture:

Devon loves Instagram so this was perfect for her room.  Walgreens has an app that you can directly upload your Instagram pictures and order for pick up in an hour.  These are 4 x 4 and cost .39 each.  You need 53 pictures for this heart.  I wanted to hang them with double sided tape but Steve didn't like that idea.  He found these :

I am the worst when it comes to hanging things so Steve took over this project.  That's how it works in my house. I find the projects and he does them!  We started with the middle row and centered the middle picture on the wall.

After the middle row was hung we worked our way up.  Steve used a level that had a ruler on the top.  There is 1/2 inch between the pictures.

There are two rows that you hang off center or in the middle of the pictures above.

One thing you will notice, Devon loves taking selfies! She also loves how this turned out.  One Pinterest project down.  Thousands more to go!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Life According to My iPhone

While I have been really good about remembering to take a picture a day, I have not been good about posting them.  Will take awhile to catch up!

Day 27 - Just another beautiful day in Georgia

Day 28 - Snow!

Day 29 - My neighbor snuck up on the kids and bombed them with snowballs

Day 30 - Another snow day so we had lunch at Chick-fil-A

Day 31 - Dinner with my boy

Day 32 - Do you ever feel like all you see is the top of your kid's head?

Day 33 - Cheer competition

Day 34 - Doing homework and so happy about it

Day 35 - Dudley greets her at the top of the steps everyday

Day 36 - Middle school.  I know you are thinking what a lame picture but can you remember what your middle school looked like?

That's all for now.  Only about 40 more to catch up!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life According to My iPhone

Here is our Our Bubble Life lately:

Day 16 - Delaney and a friend were doing homework in her room when little sister had to get in on the fun.

Day 17 - Denver has been calling me Mama Duck for a couple months.  He now has Siri doing it.

Day 18 - Steve took the kids to a rodeo.  I skipped this event!

Day 19 - Devon's cheer team is getting ready for a competition.

Day 20 - We all went on a hike on the one and only day it was pretty out.

Day 21 - Dudley rode along with me to pick up the kids from school.  Check out those ears.  It was really windy!

Day 22 - Devon practicing putting on mascara for her cheer competition.

Day 23 -  Dudley profile.

Day 24 - I love that our driveway is the bus stop.

Day 25 - First cheer competition of the season and they took first place!

Day 26 - Not sure why I buy her a bunch of cute clothes when this is what she comes up with.  Hello Fashion Police!!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Taking a Hike

This past Sunday we went to church, went out to lunch and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching football.  For hours and hours.  At the end of the night I told Steve we needed to do something with the family outside the next day.  I suggested we go on a hike and he agreed.  Breaking the news to the kids went something like this:

Denver:  I'm not going.  Why do I have to go?

Delaney:  Why are we going on a hike?  I'm sleepy.

Devon:  What?  Why?

My vision of a happy family taking a hike on a beautiful day was fading fast.

We head out to Line Creek which isn't the prettiest at this time of year but it is close to our house.  Less time to hear children complaining they want to go home.  Here is what it looks like:

The kids slowly start getting into it.  

Look!  They are all together and smiling!  Denver told me that his contract only allows for one picture a day.  Whatever!

Someone had the idea to see who could keep their hand in the water the longest.  FYI - the water is freezing!

Devon was out immediately.

Now this next picture is blurry but you can see Denver was out next and Delaney is feeling the pain of victory.

By the time we got back to the car they all agreed that taking a hike was a fun activity.  Actually, Denver said it was horrible but in teenager language that means good.  

I suggested we take a hike every weekend.  You should have heard the protests! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Life According to My iPhone

Little late but HAPPY 2014!!  I usually make a couple New Year's resolutions.  I'm kinda like this guy:

One resolution that I am going to try and stick with is the photo a day challenge.  I posted about this before here.  The last couple of years I have taken a ton of pictures but have missed a few days here and there. To help keep me accountable I'm going to post my photos.  Since I haven't picked up my camera in months they will all be from my iPhone.  Here is our 2014 so far:

Day 1 - The kids were outside all day!

Day 2 - This is where you will usually find Denver on a cold day.  In his room, on the computer and in his PJs all day.  Not sure where he gets that from.

Day 3 - Delaney has discovered that she loves Starbucks.

Day 4 -  Dad is watching football downstairs so the girls took over our room to watch TV.

Day 5 - Trying to eat healthy stuff during the week.  
This is a work of art!

Day 6 - Dudley is in need of a bath and haircut.

Day 7 - We had our second day of no school due to "snow" .  Actually, there wasn't any snow.  We just can't handle these temps.

So we rented a movie.

And went to Chick-fil-a.  Couldn't go to the drive thru because my window was frozen shut!  That's a first for this Florida girl. 

Day 8 - It's still really cold out so the monkey hat is back!

Day 9 - Denver does NOT like having his picture taken so I had to be sneaky and take this one at his ortho appointment.  Like his day glow orange jacket?

Day 10 - I bought Steve and I the Fitbit Flex.  

Day 11 - It rained and rained and rained some more.  This gives us waterfront property.  Nice.

Day 12 - Devon cart riding.

Day 13 - The above grocery store visits are necessary because the below happens all the time.

Day 14 - Making bracelets and not wanting their picture taken.

Day 15 - This boy loves his dog.

That's Life According to My iPhone!